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Nopal Green Juice High in fibers.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are the best sources of fiber in your diet. These foods are also packed with vitamins and other nutrients, so experts recommend that you get most of your fiber from these natural sources.

Nopal Green Liquid Concentrate.

The product is derived from the Nopal (prickly pear cactus) cactus Genus-Opuntia Ficus Indica.
100 % Natural NOPAL based Product. Product Description & Ingredient List.
Nopal Juice Concentrate – This product is pasteurized. Heat Sterilized and must be refrigerated after opening. It is a 4 – 1 portion concentrate. In order to consume it requires one part concentrate with 4 parts water or fruit Juice.
The product is 100% Natural Opuntia Ficus Indica (vegetable variety) Nopal Cactus. No artificial preservatives or other ingredients are used.
1 Bottle contains 1,000 Ml. Nopal Juice 4:1 Type - Opuntia Ficus Indica -Vegetable Nopal.
100% Pure Nopal, Natural, No toxins or Additives

2 Bottle

Nopal Juice

2 Nopal Juice
Concentrate, Bottle.

$80.00 USD
Shipping & Handling Included.

3 Bottle

Nopal Juice

3 Nopal Juice
Concentrate, Bottle.

$100.00 USD
Shipping & Handling Included.